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Rotten sill
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Welcome to Timbabuild NZ
Specialists in rot repairs 
The cost effective way to repair your joinery


With over 30 years experience in the joinery restoration business specialising in the repair and prevention of rot, we immediately recognised the massive potential of using epoxy resin repair products when we came across them many years ago in the UK.


Using the epoxy resign process is superior to the traditional way of repairing and maintaining joinery, it's also a faster method of repair, longer lasting and more cost effective. Saving clients money and leaving them with the highest standard of repair.


The prevention of rot is a major part of our business. The earlier we conserve your water penetration points, the longer your joinery will last. Saving unnecessary money being spent in the future whilst preserving your joinery.


Our website shows how we can repair your joinery with our restoration service.



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